CribMaster is a global leader in inventory and asset management solutions for industrial environments.


Inventory Control Systems CribMaster Australia

Inventory Control Systems Pty Ltd (ICS) is the Australasian Value-Added Reseller of CribMaster™ inventory and asset management solutions. Since 2010, ICS has been recognised as the leading CribMaster integrator providing systems integration, machine installation services, and technical support and training services within the region.

We provide advanced technical consultancy services to design and develop customised CribMaster solutions and deliver lean process improvements using CribMaster SMART warehousing, tool control, and vending systems.

Our team is dedicated to four pillars of service:


We are endlessly accessible and open to truly understanding your challenges


We have deep experience in both inventory management and the unique realities of the industry.


We relentlessly pursue the simplest answers to your most complex problems.


We are committed to dependable performance and complete satisfaction from every product and service, every day.

We Make Progress Easier to Manage

Since 1992, CribMaster has been driven by a vision to make the daily jobs of the hardworking men and women in manufacturing, and the distributors who serve them, easier through intelligent and efficient inventory management.

Originally called Winware Inc., CribMaster had humble beginnings as a software platform that managed and tracked inventory. Since then, the CribMaster solution has expanded to over 25 hardware solutions that manage storerooms, tool cribs and even point-of-use inventory dispensing using technology like scales and RFID.

The CribMaster software suite has also expanded to include robust desktop, point-of-use, web-based and mobile application-based versions of the core CribMaster platform.

With over 150 team members across two continents, we firmly believe that the only thing smarter than our software is our people. Our experts’ specialties range from data hosted services to RFID installation, to a deep understanding of the CribMaster suite to help you increase your ROI and get the most of your program.