Advanced Inventory System - Cabinet Solution

The AccuCab is an automated solution that allows authorised users to efficiently access and return the tools they need without hindering workflow. Ideal for large durable items like hand tools, power tools or kits, the AccuCab utilizes RFID technology paired with CribMaster software to provide real-time monitoring for your RFID-tagged assets as they are issued…Continue readingAccuCab


Smart Storage, Advanced Tool Control

The AccuDrawer provides positive tool control in industries where accountability over every tool and asset is critical. Utilizing passive RFID technology and the CribMaster software, the AccuDrawer is able to detect the RFID-tagged tools and assets stored within the cabinet. Every time a tool is removed, the AccuDrawer instantly logs details such as who removed…Continue readingAccuDrawer


Real-Time Supply Monitoring In Your Crib Or Storeroom

Track materials coming in and out of your storeroom with the AccuPort, an RFID portal system used at entry points to a secure area. Allow your employees to take RFID-tagged items from your tool crib freely and the AccuPort will record the items automatically when leaving the secured area. Transactions are recorded in real time,…Continue readingAccuPort


The Simplest Way to Keep High-Value Tools Secure and Accessible.

Keep your cutting tools, welding supplies, drill bits and other valuables secure in FlipTop™, a drawer-based solution which uses a grid system to manage a variety of expensive or sensitive assets. FlipTop offers security down to the item level, and allows managers to restrict access to specific items. High security at the drawer and bin…Continue readingFlipTop


The Original High-Security Vending Solution

CribMaster’s original inventory dispensing machine, ToolBox is one of our most popular high-security industrial vending machines. This unit looks like your typical vending machine, built from highly durable industrial materials to withstand the wear and tear of an industrial environment. The ToolBox is your ideal solution to quickly and easily distribute high-use consumables like PPE, industrial…Continue readingToolBox


High-Capacity, Secure Storage With a Small Footprint

Manage the distribution of hundreds of items at the point-of-use to reduce stockouts, lower costs, and control inventory consumption. The carousels in the ProStock allow each employee access to only the item they’ve selected to issue. With hundreds of slots available, ProStocks are ideal for managing a lot of small, low-profile PPE items like gloves…Continue readingProStock


Weight-Based Asset Management for High-Use Supplies

The WeighStation monitors and tracks dispensing through precise weight-sensing technology that monitors how much inventory is available. Powerful CribMaster software uses this data from the WeighStation to streamline material purchasing, and replenishment when inventory reaches below a certain level. Medium-security solution that provides authorized employees access to many items stored behind two large cabinet doors…Continue readingWeighStation


Weight Based Inventory Management System

FlexSense is the ideal open-stock solution for managing low cost, high volume items, providing real time information that reduces labor cost and helps prevent stockouts. The open shelves and sensitive scales allow employees to grab consumables quickly without any downtime. CribMaster software tracks real-time usage and item levels to alert you when items need replenishment.…Continue readingFlexSense


Scalable Locker Solution Prevents Loss & Maximizes Production

ProLock is the access-controlled, flexible locker solution that allows you to manage the distribution of both consumable items — like boxes of gloves or masks — and valuable assets, like hand tools and power tools. Highly scalable, ProLock includes individual lockers with configurable shelves to easily customize the units on the floor.  ProLock is also available…Continue readingProLock

POU / RFID Kiosk

Portable Desktop Computer and Scanner

POU (Point-of-Use) is a portable desktop computer and scanner that turns any space into a workstation, allowing you to manage your inventory closer to the tool crib. The POU can help you easily transition your existing storeroom into an automated environment that improves productivity, efficiency, and accuracy. Ideal introductory solution to CribMaster software Includes barcode…Continue readingPOU / RFID Kiosk