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MultiStore Locker Inventory System

A Multifaceted Inventory Management System for a Your Multifaceted Supply Storage Needs

When it comes to working on a large job site, keeping your equipment in check and accounted for is always more difficult than it initially seems. With traditional locker inventory systems, if a piece of equipment goes missing, you may not even notice until the next person needs it, and when they do, trying to find where it went can be a stressful and time-intensive process. Your workers need the tools they require to do their job to be available when and where they need them, and that’s why the MultiStore Locker Inventory System exists.

Delivering effective internal distribution management and a perfect blend of automation and control across both consumable and durable inventory, the MultiStore Locker Inventory System is your versatile, medium-security storage solution. The MultiStore locker offers ample storage space, with 24 roomy lockers allowing you the chance to store and track items across an array of different shapes and sizes.

The MultiStore Locker Inventory System offers:

  • The ability to house multiple SKUs within each allocated locker where required, or for one item per shelf for additional tracking and security capabilities.
  • A high level of visibility, with clear doors and white shelves ensuring that you can always see which items are available and which items are currently out.
  • A comprehensive tracking system that displays usage data for more robust inventory management capabilities.

For businesses in the medical, industrial and construction sectors especially, your equipment and supplies are a vital part of your daily operations. So, to ensure that your inventory is effectively managed, available, and secure, request a quote on the MultiStore Locker Inventory System today and see what ICS can do for you.