Tool Crib Management & Storeroom Solutions With ICSYS

Storeroom inefficiencies are far from a new problem, often stemming from outdated methods of tracking still being used by companies that have long outgrown the usefulness of pen and paper solutions. The fact is that tool crib management and storeroom solutions are too important to be relying on a trail of notes and memories, especially when that information needs to be shared between multiple different manufacturing divisions, freelancers, or other businesses. These issues can also be seen in situations where business managers rely on their ERP systems for inventory management, which, while functional, lack the ease and streamlined simplicity a storeroom solution would require to be viable in the long term. That’s where CribMaster’s software shines.

Staffed Tool Crib Management

Unlike your more standard off-the-shelf ERP solution, CribMaster’s specially-designed software provides a fully-automated inventory management experience. This, in turn, allows your storeroom staff to focus on and prioritise other tasks, while also offering a high level of simplicity and detection capabilities.

From the initial issuing of tools to their return, each step is handled utilising one of our point-of-use machines, with each machine being equipped with CribMaster software to send up-to-date information through to your personal databases for record keeping and review. To assist with this, the data sent can be automated into one of 250 pre-designed template reports, or added to a custom report of your choosing as required.

Automated Storerooms Solutions

To ensure that each of our systems can provide information on inventory statuses quickly and easily, each of our automated storeroom solutions benefits from accompanying RFID scanners, readers, and tags. These RFID solutions can be used to track critical items, either through your facility or at any critical entry points/high-security areas that may require it. Whatever your specific needs may be, our team of RFID specialists will be able to help you design and implement a program targeted to your requirements. Not only that but all information gathered through this system can also be filtered into the same simple CribMaster software solution as the rest of your data.

Service & Support

CribMaster software has been developed to ensure that your inventory management processes are simple and successful right from their implementation. With the CribMaster customer experience team ready to support you with anything you may need, from data hosting to software implementation and ERP system integration, help is always available. Plus, CribMaster also offers a world-class team of technical support experts, so you will always have a specialist to speak to when required.

CribMaster Can Help You:

  • Automate the asset tracking process and storeroom solutions
  • Locate, track, and detect the status of inventory through real-time location data
  • Complete any tasks required in tool & asset life cycle management
  • Automatically re-order any critical items from preferred distributors upon inventory running low
  • Automate reporting & order items from preferred distributors when items are running low, so you never need to go without a critical asset
  • Manage reworkable, reground & repairable tool management
  • Assemble, distribute & replenish kit assemblies, distribution & replenishment
  • Dispensable consumable MRO & track to cost centres
  • Track vendor owned/managed inventory tracking
  • Manage & track integrated Maintenance & Work Orders Module (CMMS)
  • Store & track equipment warranty tracking & notification information
  • Track expiration of lot # material tracking & expiration