Storeroom & Tool Crib Management

Manufacturers know that when it comes to meeting aggressive production schedules, having the right materials in the right place at the right time is critical.Yet, far too many companies use outdated methods like pen and paper or rely on the memories of storeroom personnel to keep their inventory organized and available. Others try to make their ERP system into an inventory management tool, often making-do with overly complex systems that lack the functionality needed to optimize their inventory management process. That’s where CribMaster’s software comes into play.

Staffed Tool Cribs

Unlike off-the-shelf ERP systems, CribMaster software is designed to fully automate the inventory management process, freeing storeroom staff to focus on other tasks. Our software captures inventory issues and returns through our point-of-use machines and sends detailed inventory data to your personal database. From there, you’ll be able to view and automate over 250 pre-loaded reports or create your own custom reports.

Automated Storerooms

Automated storerooms will benefit from our RFID solutions that quickly and easily provide information about inventory status. Utilize our system of RFID scanners, readers, and tags to track the location of critical items throughout your facility, or at critical entry points to tool cribs or other highly-secure areas. Our RFID specialists can help you design and build your program to suit your exact needs, with data filtering into the same easy-to-use CribMaster software as the rest of your program.

Service & Support

CribMaster is dedicated to making sure your inventory management program is a success. We have a dedicated team of Customer Experience experts ready to help you with anything you need —from hosting your data, to installing and implementing your software and hardware, to integrating your existing ERP system into your CribMaster workflow. If any issues ever arise, our world-class Technical Support team is always available and ready to help.

CribMaster Can Help You:

  • Automate asset tracking
  • Locate inventory through real-time location data
  • Complete tool & asset life cycle management 
  • Automatically re-order critical items from preferred distributors when inventory runs low
  • Automate reports & order from your preferred distributor when items are running low, so you never go without a critical asset
  • Manage reworkable, reground & repairable tool management
  • Assemble, distribute & replenish kit assemblies, distribution & replenishment 
  • Dispensable consumable MRO & track to cost centers
  • Track vendor owned/managed inventory tracking
  • Manage & track integrated Maintenance & Work Orders Module (CMMS)
  • Store & track equipment warranty tracking & notification information 
  • Track expiration of lot # material tracking & expiration