CribMaster Flip-top

FlipTop™ Drawer Systems

The Simplest Way to Keep High-Value Fasteners and Fittings Secure and Accessible.

Whether you’re in the field or on the job, having the ability to effectively manage and control the usage of your equipment is vital for ensuring that you have what you need when you need it. Unfortunately, when working with a large team of contractors and employees, maintaining a watchful eye over your inventory management becomes practically impossible. People make mistakes, expensive tools can go missing, and it can be overwhelming trying to finish a project when you suddenly find yourself without essential pieces of equipment to do so. That’s why the FlipTop™ Drawer Inventory System was created, and how it quickly became one of our most popular inventory management systems.

Keep Your Inventory Management Secure With FlipTop

To ensure that all of your high-value cutting tools, drill bits, welding supplies, and more are well taken care of, while still being easily available to those that need them, try the FlipTop™ system today. The FlipTop™ is a drawer-based solution, utilising a grid system to control and manage the usage of sensitive or expensive assets. Right from the item level to the restriction of particular products, FlipTop™ offers a high level of security where and when you need it. This includes:

  • A high-level security system at the drawer and bin level
  • A high-volume capacity with space for up to 1,782 bins
  • A specialised AutoLock™ feature that automatically re-locks bins when any drawers close
  • Options for three available sizes which can accommodate different capacity needs and size requirements
  • The availability of both main and auxiliary units