PPE Vending Machines

As with many industries, manufacturing and industrial distribution changed considerably over the course of the pandemic. People’s priorities shifted, and workers were forced to be far more aware of their own health and the health of others than ever before.

This renewed focus on the importance of safety has changed the way that many businesses operate forever, with safety protocols tightening to ensure that all staff members, contractors, managers, and more are safe while on the job. Because of this, easy access to PPE and other highly-critical supplies has never been more vital than it is now. After all, in today’s workplaces, management needs to be smart with its safety protocols.

At ICS, we are committed to providing the solutions that businesses require to complete projects safely, effectively and efficiently. That’s why we have a wide selection of PPE & safety vending machines catered to different size requirements and objectives. These CribMaster-optimised inventory control PPE vending machines take the standard vending machine and equip it with some of the most efficiently effective machine safety processes available.

No more worrying about overuse of stock, no more worrying about whether your crew will have access to the PPE items they require; Inventory Control Systems’ PPE & safety vending machines are the perfect safety addition.

Systems like the CribMaster offer a wide array of PPE distribution features that allow for speed and safety, such as:

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Remote Vend – Issue and Return PPE Items From Your Mobile Phone

Want an easier way to control your PPE item stock when buying a vending machine? Well, one of the more impressive vending solutions offered by ICS is the ability to dispense PPE & safety vending machines using the CM Mobile NG app. Provide as many or as few people as you need access to the PPE items they require. All you need is a license for CM Mobile NG to get started!

  • A low-touch solution compared to other shared vending solutions.
  • Automatically record all transaction data to create detailed reports

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Fast Vend – Use A Simple Employee Badge Scan to Distribute PPE Automatically

For projects in which it doesn’t make sense to just use app access, another fantastic way to reduce touchpoints and wait times for PPE items is the Fast Vend CM Client feature. This low-touch PPE vending process allows workers to access PPE using their employee badge, drastically minimising the amount of time and effort required for them to access necessary equipment and supplies.

  • Quick, efficient model that reduces time spent with PPE vending.
  • Use access codes to make sure every worker gets the supplies they need, every time.
  • Ideal for issuing PPE Kits out to workers compatible with any machine powered by ATR, including auxiliary units.
Contact Tracing Made Easy From Your Database

Worried about potential exposure risks? Unsure as to whether a person who has tested positive for COVID-19 has interacted with certain areas of your business? You can run tracing reports right from CribMaster to detect whether any employees have been at risk for exposure. To learn more, and download custom reports, click the link below:

Create PPE Stations Easily

For high-traffic entry points and areas, setting up PPE stations is easy. All you need is a POU to eliminate supply repackaging needs for a traditional machine. In other words, you can cut down on PPE item distribution wait times. Open your PPE item, scan the PPE barcode of each one, and allow your employee to take what they require. This can also be set up outside your tool crib if you would prefer to directly control traffic flow.

CribMaster PPE Vending Machine


The CribMaster WeighStation is perfect for PPE vending as it tracks and monitors usage of gloves, masks and other inventory by changes in weight. Its advanced software streamlines your purchasing process ensuring your staff never run low on critical personal protective equipment.

ProStock High Capacity Secure Storage

The ProStock High Capacity Secure Storage solution is perfect for businesses or hospitals struggling to monitor and manage stock of a wide range of smaller PPE items such as masks, gloves, needles, bandages or other consumables. This versatile vending station can also hold larger items.

Express ToolBox Consumables Vending

The Express Toolbox Consumables Vending station uses a touch screen and is very simple to operate. This high-security PPE station will help increase productivity and reduce waste, helping you save costs and will reduce theft or overuse.

ToolBox Secure Touchless PPE Vending

Perfect for medical or industrial environments where touchless PPE vending is required. This touchless system provides higher security than other models and is highly durable, able to last in the harshest of conditions. Despite its industrial design, it is still popular in the medical industry.