CribMaster ProLock Access-Controlled Lockers

Scalable ProLock Locker Preventing Loss & Maximising Production

Whether you’re working in a medical environment that requires constant access to PPE, or an industrial area with a large workforce using and exchanging tools, having a distribution system in place is vital. Offering CribMaster ProLock lockers equipment. From masks and gloves to non-disposable items such as power tools, these scalable locker solutions are the perfect choice for keeping you in control of your inventory.

Utilising scales and access control systems, you always know what inventory you have, what is missing, and who is checking items out. These systems are also highly flexible and come in a variety of sizing options to suit the particular needs of your workforce, your environment, and your project. No more losing time and equipment due to subpar security and display systems; ProLock is the ultimate choice for tools, consumables, and more on your worksite.

The CribMaster ProLock Access-Controlled locker system includes:

  • The option of different sizes, including 12, 20, and 24-door models depending on the size and scale of your workforces’ requirements.
  • The ability to customise locker compartments to accommodate specific assets and tooling of various dimensions.
  • CribMaster software will control access to specific items and locker locations. containing . This ensures that only the people who need certain equipment will be able to open the specific areas in which they are stored.

All versions of ProLock are available as both a main and auxiliary option. So, what are you waiting for? Download the specs below for more information, or request a quote with us today to start the process for your next big project.