CribMaster FlexSense front

The FlexSense Weight-Based Open-Stock Inventory Management System

A Weight-Based Inventory Management System For Industrial & Commercial Projects

Sometimes, it’s the small things in a project that can really begin to stack up, and when you’re working with a large team, basic inventory management can become a logistical nightmare. That’s why we offer the FlexSense Weight-Based Open-Stock Inventory Management System, a stock-control option that allows you to maintain your inventory without the hassle. Its open-shelf design and weight-sensitive scales provide workers with the ability to grab what they need without the downtime of other methods, whilst still tracking the volume of what is taken and who is taking it.

Along with the FlexSense open-stock process, you will also have access to CribMaster software, allowing you to track all item levels and usage with alerts to determine when items are in need of replenishment. Other benefits include:

  • Convenient LED light indicators which provide you with a more helpful overview of your inventory status and levels.
  • Sturdy dividing plates that ensure that each bin is kept solely to its assigned platform.
  • Functioning sensor platforms can be utilised with the current bins/shelves, or they can be used with custom variants if preferred.

All accessories are sold separately.