CribMaster AccuPort

AccuPort RFID Real-Time Supply Monitoring

Real-Time Supply Monitoring In Your Crib Or Storeroom

Create a frictionless working environment with the streamlined AccuPort RFID Real-Time Supply Monitoring. Employees can simply select the tool or equipment they require from the storeroom with the AccuPort picking up with RFID tagged tools are entering and exiting the storeroom. Accurate, detailed stock management and inventory are as easy as picking up a tool and leaving the storeroom and eliminating the need for manual tracking. This data is also presented in real-time, so management and employees can have transparency over what is and is not available and the duration of use.

Accountability is built into the AccuPort, and employees can have the freedom to work efficiently without being slowed down with data entry when documenting tool and equipment use.

The AccuPort RFID Real-Time Supply Monitoring can assist with:

  • Greater storeroom efficiency
  • Inventory accuracy and accountability are improved
  • Secure access for authorized employees, 24/7
  • RFID-tagged items of all varieties can be tracked (PPE, kits, power tools, etc)