Clinical Inventory and PPE Management in Healthcare

Healthcare & PPE Inventory Control

The healthcare industry requires a large amount of inventory to function effectively, including both high-cost equipment and single-use items. Because of this, automated supply management systems are widely utilised to ensure a controlled and easily-scaled inventory management process. For these systems to be optimally effective, they need to be able to provide a single scaleable solution for each of the different people that make patient care possible, from supply chain workers to facility maintenance teams and clinicians.

Since 1992, CribMaster has been a leader in the field of inventory management solutions, allowing facilities an effective way to improve operations and access supplies. This is achieved through the use of cloud-based platforms that can be scaled as needed to manage clinical supplies and MRO across any facility.

CribMaster can help your team with:

24/7 Controlled Access & Availability of Supplies

When you’re a medical provider working around the clock, you need automated supply dispensaries that will be able to do the same. So, with the use of a simple employee badge system, any of your pre-approved staff and clinicians can get access to any and all supplies they may require. No more wait times, no more hassle, just properly-fitted PPE available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Plus, to save space, each of our supply dispenser options can sit on counters, get mounted on walls, or be added to your existing supply areas to keep them out of the way.

Secure & Simple Automation

Automation is meant to solve complicated issues, not cause them. So, with the addition of our FlexSense™ weight-sensing supply bins, you can have full control over the identification of items from your supply closet that you want monitored. From there, you can then add any information regarding weight and quantities desired through the CribMaster software, placing any items required in your weight-sensing bins. Just use your badge to access the supply room, take the items you need, and get back to work. The CribMaster system will automatically calculate the bin’s weight and provide you with accurate, real-time data on inventory levels. From there, it can also automatically reorder items before you run out of stock, reducing both errors and manual labour at once. All automated, no stress.

Budgeting & Saving on Supplies

Have you been finding that you’re spending more on equipment and items than you need? Does demand seeming outweigh the usual supply? By traditional methods, it can be difficult to know where your stock, and in turn, budget is really going. CribMaster provides a solution, recording every instance of a supply being used and giving you clear visibility on what needs to be replenished before it becomes an issue you need to deal with. This data is available in real-time enterprise-wide through a cloud-based data system and can be viewed across dozens of provided reporting templates, allowing operations and supply chain teams to stay informed about budgeting in a clear, concise way.

Automating Supply Re-Orders

Our healthcare PPE management solutions allow you to customise your replenishment requirements, with CribMaster automatically re-ordering your required supplies from a vendor of your choosing when certain stock levels are hit. When this happens is entirely up to you, and can be set up automatically or as notifications that go straight to your purchasing software of choice. Not only will this allow you to place your focus elsewhere and not worry about inventory levels, but it will ensure that you never have to run out of high-volume items like IV bags, bandages, and gauze.