Become a CribMaster Partner

As a CribMaster distributor, you are more than a supplier to your customers. You are a trusted advisor helping them to reduce costs and drive growth by providing:

  • Vending machines from our wide array of customisable products
  • Inventory tracking and replenishment through one powerful software platform
  • Detailed inventory analysis over time to suggest new solutions and management practices

Delivering Quality Promotes Customer Loyalty

CribMaster partners create ongoing relationships with clients that go beyond the onboarding phase.

Earning a reputation as a CribMaster distributor, you gain:

  • Customer loyalty and increased engagement
  • Efficiency and cost reductions in order processing
  • Predictability for sales forecasting
  • Stability and growth in your customer base
  • Granular access to customer information with fewer site visits

CribMaster Team Support

  • When you become a CribMaster partner, you benefit from the full support of our experienced team working closely with you to implement profitable customer solutions from initial design to post-deployment assistance.