cribMaster AccuDrawer

AccuDrawer RFID Tool & Asset Drawers

Smart Storage, Advanced Tool Control

The AccuDrawer is an effective tool control item that allows for greater accountability and management of tools. The passive RFID technology paired with CribMaster software is responsive to the RFID-tagged tools and makes returning assets to the AccuDrawer simple and accurate. Each tool that is removed from the AccuDrawer tool crib storage is logged with all relevant details, as well as when the tool returns to the drawer.

In industries where tools are expensive and critical to the work, this level of transparency and accountability reduces bottlenecks in workflow and eliminates the need for manual tool tracking.

The AccuDrawer RFID Tool & Asset Drawers can assist with:

  • Control tool access
  • Monitor the tool schedule and inspection process
  • Capacity to read more than 250 individually RFID tagged tools
  • Remain FOD & FME compliant