CribMaster DevLock

DevLock Mobile Charging Locker Station

A Versatile, Powerful Mobile Charging Locker Machine You Can Trust

Charging devices on a worksite can be a surprisingly difficult task when there isn’t a designated area to do so. Even more difficult is finding ways for people to safely keep their devices on charge while still working and performing their duties. That’s why the Devlock Charging Locker Station was developed, allowing you a safe, easy way to store and charge a large number of devices all at the same time.

The Devlock Mobile Charging Locker Station is an access-controlled storage solution with the capacity for charging a variety of small-to-medium-sized electronic items. This can include cell phones, laptops, tablets, radios and more. If you find yourself requiring additional storage, the mobile charging locker machine can be equipped with a base for optional expansion. While this allows the system to be free-standing, without the base, the Devlock Mobile Charging Locker Station can be placed on top of a table for easy access across any working environment.

Concerned about compatibility? Well, don’t worry, as each locker is equipped with both a USB plug and an additional universal power outlet so that any charger can be catered to. Additionally, the storage is quite spacious for the size of the system, allowing tablets and laptops up to 15 inches. White interiors and lights make it easy to see what’s charging inside, and the system comes in both main and auxiliary units. Speak to Inventory Control Systems today to learn more about the Devlock Mobile Charging Locker Station and what it can do for you.