RFID Tagging & Scanning For Asset Access Control

Improve and increase asset visibility through the use of proven RFID technology solutions

The IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity has become an increasingly commonplace aspect of the manufacturing industry over the past decade. One of the primary components in said connectivity is Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).. This RFID connectivity is integrated into database information capturing and tracking solutions through CribMaster’s innovative software system.

What Does RFID Implementation Offer?

Simply put, RFID implementation can be broken into three main components:

  • Tags, which are attached to the item you’re looking to track.
  • RFID Readers, which are used as a means of scanning and identifying assets, tooling and consumable items.
  • Software, which is used to log the event for your database.

Different RFID Tags and Systems

Naturally, we are constantly testing different tags for the purposes of mapping compatibility with our systems. From this, we keep a detailed, up-to-date list of verified recommendations and suggested options. The two main options we recommend are:

  • Standard ultra-high-frequency (UHF) tags, with metal, non-metal, cord mount, hang tag, and laundry tag options
  • Printable UHF RFID labels to apply to consumable items for warehousing environments.

Our RFID system’s scanning capabilities have the scope to cover your storage, tool crib, and practically everywhere on the floor. To assist with this, other compatible systems include:

  • CM Scan-optimised handheld scanners.
  • The SMART devices -enabled CM Mobile NG app.
  • AccuDrawer/AccuCab embedded scanners.
  • AccuPort portals that are RFID-enabled.
  • LPR (last point read) to track asset movements.

The CribMaster IMS system ensures that every item is connected, allowing you a full overview of all tool movements and items. So, if you have missing items, you’ll be able to see what they are, which employee checked them out, and where it was last known to be. Safe, efficient, and easy to track; RFID tagging systems are a fantastic way to secure your inventory.

The technical experts at ICS will help you find the best RFID solutions for your facilities.