RFID Solutions

RFID Tagging & Scanning For Asset Access Control

Improve asset visibility through proven RFID technology

Manufacturers are increasingly relying on technology to turn equipment, assets, and systems into a connected Internet of Things (IoT). Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a main element of this connectivity, which CribMaster integrates into several tracking solutions that capture information into one central database.

An RFID implementation uses three components: tags attached to the item, readers to scan the tag and identify the item, and software to log the event. RFID can also be integrated into vending cabinets or portals.

We continually test a variety of tags for compatibility with our systems and keep an updated list of verified, recommended options. Different types of tag choices include:

  • Standard ultra-high-frequency (UHF) tags, with metal, non-metal, cord mount, hang tag, and laundry tag options
  • AeroScout active RFID tags to wirelessly track location, condition, and status of high-value assets

Scanning capabilities cover the tool crib, storage solutions, and virtually everywhere on the floor:

  • Handheld scanners with CM Scan software
  • The CM Mobile Plus application, which enables workers to use their iPhones as scanners
  • Embedded scanners in AccuDrawer and AccuCab to read the contents each time the storage compartment closes
  • AccuPort RFID-enabled portals to monitor RFID tags entering or leaving secure areas
  • Last point read (LPR) monitors placed at chokepoints to follow the tagged asset’s movements throughout your facility

Every item and device connects to the CribMaster Inventory Management System software, giving you a real-time view of tool movements. The system provides notification of missing items, along with details of the employee it was issued to and its last known location. The solution also helps to maintain safety compliance by sending alerts when a tagged tool is about to leave a designated area, and making it easier to scan work areas for FOD or FME.

The technical experts at ICS will help you find the best RFID solutions for your facilities.