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CribMaster CribX™ Vend Secure Satellite Storeroom

A Secure Satellite Storeroom that Brings Inventory to the Work Site

Go where the work is! CribMaster’s CribX™ Vend allows you to maintain inventory while working on large or remote work sites. CribX containers can be fully outfitted

When you’re trying to manage a worksite, one of the last things you want to be focusing on is inventory management. Attempting to stay on top of tracking supply movements, especially when part of a large team, is beyond daunting. So, let yourself go where the work is with a fully-outfitted CribX™ system from ICS! With CribMaster technology providing 24/7 inventory tracking, up-to-date inventory replenishment notifications, usage tracking across all supplies and a real-time overview of your budgeting, the CribMaster CribX™ Vend Secure Satellite Storeroom is a worksite manager’s best friend.

This CribX™ system allows you to have all of your equipment in one place, which increases productivity across your workforce by eliminating completely unnecessary time spent going back and forth between tool cribs and storerooms. Plus, with the satellite storeroom being relocatable as a single all-inclusive unit, you can be sure that your equipment is right where you need it, exactly when it’s needed most.

Each CribMaster CribX™ Vend Secure Satellite Storeroom system is designed to bring mobile inventory management to even the most remote of worksites. So, whether you’re in construction, oil, gas, power generation, mining, or even manufacturing, ICS will have a storeroom solution to meet your needs.

This CribX™ system offers:

  • The consolidation of all your inventory management into a single system, allowing you to maintain productivity and efficiency without compromising on security and order.
  • Assistance in reducing asset and equipment shrinkage, utilising real-time 24/7 tracking through the use of CribMaster software.
  • A high level of security, bringing together ATR control for individual machines and an access-controlled container.
  • Temperature regulation within the machine to ensure the safety and longevity of your equipment and disposables. The container is also insulated and weather-sealed, so you can be sure that your assets are well taken care of.
  • A 20′ container, which can be fully outfitted with your custom mix of CribMaster solutions, including RFID warehousing, traditional vending, scale and sensor based systems.

Bringing together quality, security, and convenience, this secure satellite storeroom inventory solution is the perfect choice for remote worksites of all kinds. So, download the specs below, or request a quote today to see what ICS can do for you.