CribMaster ExpressToolbox

Express ToolBox Vending Machine For Consumables

Consumable Management Without the Cost

The Express ToolBox Vending Machine is all of the convenience and accessibility of our ToolBox system but put into a simplified unit. This tool box vending machine offers the high-security distribution of consumables when and where they are required by team members, while also avoiding wastage by providing point-of-use items in the exact quantities needed. This lowers your overhead costs, boosts productivity, and also reduces a considerable amount of wastage that can come from the unregulated usage of consumable items.

In addition to its simplified design, the Express ToolBox Vending Machine is touchscreen-optimised. This makes receiving items as quick and easy for users as possible, without you having to compromise on the security of your vending unit. Other features include:

  • Seven interactive display screens for intuitive usage and ease of understanding.
  • Additional accessory options, including an auger helix which can be used for vending smaller items when required.
  • An optional riser platform for items that may be too short for the system’s usual setup.
  • An optional vertical partition for narrow items that would benefit from a shift in design.
  • A specialised spray cat dispensing kit to ensure that all of your dispensable items can be used through the Express ToolBox Vending Machine.

So, are you ready to upgrade your consumable storage with the Express ToolBox Vending Machine? Speak with one of our specialists today to find out what we can do for you while discussing the needs of your project.

Express ToolBox Consumables Vending

Cost Effective Consumable Management

Express ToolBox is a simplified version of our ToolBox solution. This high-security unit issues consumables at point-of-use to lower costs, increase productivity and reduce waste. The Express ToolBox comes with an easy-to-use touchscreen for users to issue items quickly and easily.

7 interactive display screens

Suggested for high-use PPE and cutting tools

Available accessories include an auger helix for vending small items, riser platform for short items, vertical partition for narrow items, and a Spray Can Dispensing Kit