Meet the Satellite Storeroom: An On-Site Storage Container That Goes Where the Work Is

Secure Satellite Storerooms For On-Site Tool Storage

No matter where you may find yourself, CribX™ Vend is the ideal choice for inventory management and site tool storage.

specially when working on larger sites, a lot of time can get wasted going from your post to the distant site tool storage box and back again. Not only is this inefficient and draining, but it also lends itself to equipment becoming lost or misplaced during these trips, which can really grind a job to a halt quickly if you don’t have replacements. Workers need their tools to be easily accessible for optimal productivity, and without the right construction site tool storage, that’s simply not possible.

Luckily, for those that want a better option for their on-site tool storage, there’s CribX™. The CribX™ system offers an autonomous, secure satellite storeroom solution that can be placed practically anywhere at your exact point of use. Not only does this offer a much higher level of convenience than your traditional faraway on-site tool storage, but it also does away with all of the productivity loss and time spent travelling from storeroom to storeroom.

Bringing together a powerful, customised selection of hardware and software, both powered by CribMaster, CribX™ makes it easier than ever to manage inventory, reduce equipment shrinkage and prevent stockouts with automatic replenishment of supplies and 24/7 tracking.

For anyone wanting to keep their items secure and keep their worksite at peak efficiency, CribX™ is the solution for you

What is CribX™

With CribX™, you get a customised satellite storeroom solution that takes your equipment and tools and places them right where you need them, without the hassle. No more asset shrinkage, no more productivity loss, just highly secure on-site storage containers optimised with CribMaster technology. Check out our product detail page for more information on how CribX™ can help you run your work sites as efficiently as possible.

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See What CribX™ Can Do

CribX™ is a fantastic site storage solution to help you protect and access your equipment and assets. Check out our video to see how CribX™can increase productivity & efficiency by bringing tools and supplies right to the point of use.

Take a Virtual Tour of CribX™

CribX™ units can be filled with the CribMaster hardware & software of your choice, creating a custom satellite storeroom perfectly tailored to your needs. Take a tour of our demo unit to see just one of the many ways these units can be configured.

Start Building Your Unit

Putting together your custom satellite storeroom is easier than you might think. Check out our Set Up Guide to learn more about the technology, branding opportunities and machines available to outfit your CribX satellite storeroom.