Meet Your New Satellite Storeroom that Goes Where the Work Is

Secure Satellite Storerooms

CribX™ Vend is the ideal solution for managing your inventory, no matter where you are.

On large or remote work sites, time is often wasted travelling between faraway tool cribs and the actual work site—and tools and equipment can easily be lost or misplaced on these trips. Replacing these items can be costly, but so can the loss of productivity that comes from employees spending time looking for the items they need.

CribX™ is a secured, fully-autonomous satellite storeroom that can be placed right at the point of use, eliminating unproductive time spent travelling to faraway cribs or storerooms, and keeping productivity and efficiency at an all-time high.

Filled with a custom mix of CribMaster hardware & software solutions, CribX™ securely stores and manages your inventory, and helps prevent stockouts and reduce equipment & asset shrinkage through 24/7 tracking and auto-replenishment.

With an access-controlled container and individually controlled machines, CribX™ is the ideal solution for keeping your items safe and secure, and your work site operating at peak efficiency.

About CribX™

CribX™ is a secure, custom satellite storeroom that brings your tools & equipment right to the point of use, increasing productivity and minimising asset shrinkage. Check out our product detail page for more information on how CribX™ can help you run your work sites as efficiently as possible. 

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Watch CribX™ in Action

CribX™ is the perfect solution to help you securely store your equipment and assets. Check out our video to see how CribX™can increase productivity & efficiency by bringing tools and supplies right to the point of use.

Take a Virtual Tour of CribX™

CribX™ units can be filled with the CribMaster hardware & software of your choice, creating a custom satellite storeroom perfectly tailored to your needs. Take a tour of our demo unit to see just one of the many ways these units can be configured.

Start Building Your Unit

Putting together your custom satellite storeroom is easier than you might think. Check out our Set Up Guide to learn more about the technology, branding opportunities and machines available to outfit your CribX satellite storeroom.