POU: RFID Scanning & QR Code Scanning Kiosk

A Point-Of-Use Portable Desktop Computer and Scanner

Whether you’re working on a worksite or remotely on a project, it’s rare that we get the chance to have a consistent workstation. So, if you need a way to set up and work wherever and whenever the requirement arises, the POU is for you.

What is the POU System?

The POU, which stands for point-of-use, is a portable desktop scanner, computer, and QR code reader all in one. This allows you to turn any area you may find yourself in into a fully functional workstation, and in turn, manage your inventory from wherever your tool crib or storage may be. If you’re looking for a way to improve productivity and efficiency without compromising on accurate data, the POU is the perfect transitional point between your storeroom and a more varied environment that can change along with your needs.

The POU offers an ideal introduction to CribMaster software solutions, whilst also offering authentication through prox cards and barcode readers. Additionally, if you’ll be spending much of your time running software and accessing various components of your systems, a keyboard is included. Contact us today to learn more.