CM Mobile

Access & Manage Inventory from Your Mobile Device

Download CM Mobile App for Android & iPhone CM Mobile NG is a mobile-based application for iOS and Android that allows you to access and interact with your inventory cribs from any web-enabled mobile device. Using CM Mobile NG, actions typically done at the ATR can now be taken into the palm of your hand,…Continue readingCM Mobile


Keep Productivity at an All-Time High

CribMaster ATR Vending Software CribMaster ATR is the brains behind the machine. Installed on every machine, ATR is the software that issues and returns inventory and tracks transactions in real time. ATR reports critical data from every work site back to other CribMaster software programs, like CM Client, creating a comprehensive and unified system of…Continue readingCM ATR

CM Web

Bring CribMaster Software Anywhere

CribMaster Software for iPad & Android CM Web is designed for the manager on the go. With the same core functionality as CM Client (and additional features that make analytics and reporting especially easy), CM Web is a browser-based version of CM Client that people with a CM Client license can access for free. A…Continue readingCM Web

CM Client

The powerful foundation of CribMaster's Inventory Management Software Suite

CM Client Software CM Client centralizes your inventory and employee databases so you can manage your team and inventory through rules like who can access certain inventory items, how many items can be dispensed, and even when certain serialized items need to be replaced or sent for preventative maintenance. The Managers can create and schedule…Continue readingCM Client

Upgrading to CM 11

Upgrade to The Latest & Greatest

Let your customers vend items from their mobile device. Format colorful reports to quickly glean where you’re running low. Check out multiple items at once in a bulk check-out. These are just a few of the new things you can do in CM11 to help you and your customers manage and receive inventory faster and…Continue readingUpgrading to CM 11

POU / RFID Kiosk

Portable Desktop Computer and Scanner

POU (Point-of-Use) is a portable desktop computer and scanner that turns any space into a workstation, allowing you to manage your inventory closer to the tool crib. The POU can help you easily transition your existing storeroom into an automated environment that improves productivity, efficiency, and accuracy. Ideal introductory solution to CribMaster software Includes barcode…Continue readingPOU / RFID Kiosk


Our Inventory Management System for a Multitude of Supplies

This versatile, medium-security storage solution delivers both automation and control in effectively managing the internal distribution of high-use consumable and durable inventory. The MultiStore’s 24 roomy lockers give you the ability to store many items of different sizes.  Can house multiple SKUs within each locker, or just one SKU per locker for higher security Enhanced…Continue readingMultiStore


The Simplest Way to Keep High-Value Tools Secure and Accessible.

Keep your cutting tools, welding supplies, drill bits and other valuables secure in FlipTop™, a drawer-based solution which uses a grid system to manage a variety of expensive or sensitive assets. FlipTop offers security down to the item level, and allows managers to restrict access to specific items. High security at the drawer and bin…Continue readingFlipTop


Weight Based Inventory Management System

FlexSense is the ideal open-stock solution for managing low cost, high volume items, providing real time information that reduces labor cost and helps prevent stockouts. The open shelves and sensitive scales allow employees to grab consumables quickly without any downtime. CribMaster software tracks real-time usage and item levels to alert you when items need replenishment.…Continue readingFlexSense


Versatile and Powerful Locker and Charging Station

The DevLock is an access-controlled locker solution that secures and charges durable electronic items like cell phones, tablets and laptops. The unit comes with an optional base for additional storage. When used without the base, the DevLock can sit on top of a table in any office or warehouse environment. Each individual locker equipped with…Continue readingDevLock