A High-Capacity, Secure Storage Solution With a Small Footprint

Anyone who has worked on a construction or industrial site will know how difficult it is to keep track of disposables, perishables and single-use item stock across a large workforce. This can lead to large amounts of stock being used unnecessarily, with little recourse for balancing the environmental impact caused. The ProStock High-Capacity Secure Storage…Continue readingProStock

X3™ System

Compact Vending Without Compromise

Convenience doesn’t have to be cumbersome and with the X3™ System Compact Vending Machine from Inventory Control Systems, you can get the simple, effective storage your business needs to succeed. This CribMaster compact vending machine X3 system is scalable and customisable, providing a vending solution that ensures safe, secure item dispensing anytime, anywhere across your…Continue readingX3™ System