Versatile and Powerful Locker and Charging Station

The DevLock is an access-controlled locker solution that secures and charges durable electronic items like cell phones, tablets and laptops. The unit comes with an optional base for additional storage. When used without the base, the DevLock can sit on top of a table in any office or warehouse environment. Each individual locker equipped with…Continue readingDevLock

Express Locker

Simple, Secure Storage Locker For Businesses and Worksites

Businesses have to be adaptive when it comes to completing projects, and their equipment needs to reflect that. The Express Locker from ICS simplifies the ProLock system, acting as an auxiliary unit that you can then pair with the Express Toolbox. This speedy locker solution is a fantastic choice for dispensing your consumables and durables…Continue readingExpress Locker


Scalable ProLock Locker Preventing Loss & Maximising Production

Whether you’re working in a medical environment that requires constant access to PPE, or an industrial area with a large workforce using and exchanging tools, having a distribution system in place is vital. Offering CribMaster ProLock lockers equipment. From masks and gloves to non-disposable items such as power tools, these scalable locker solutions are the…Continue readingProLock